joi, 9 octombrie 2014

Taging a walk in Bavaria, at October Fest

Well.... this autumn it was the first time for me when I have visited OktoberFest in Bavaria, or more exactly in Muenchen.

If had surprisingly more fun that i thaught it would be, with all that old (medieval-like) clothing, and the old games, and those greeeeat tents and then the crowd was so big, so many people were drinking s much beer, that I thaught for a momment that I am in another time, on another world or another planet, where time wasway slowar than in oyr daily routine.

Well... the thing with OktoberFest is that as it can be very apealyng for foreigners, the locals (enhabitants of Muenchen do not like this OktoberFest so much) and they alsoo call it "puke-fest". They also do not appreciate all of those drunk people on the streets and the fact that their city is way more crowded than usually (and Muenchen is a really crowded city by German standards).

My conclusionis that OktoberFest is a fest that has to be seen, you simply have to live iti at least once in your life.

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