miercuri, 8 octombrie 2014

Decisions and decisions.... sometimes tough to make

After considering for a couple of weeks what to do with this abandoned blog i've decided to take care of my newly formed ideas about life and the world we are living in. So... i have decided to present here, in this blog informations about the things that i am doing in Germany, the placewhere I have lived in the past 4 months or more.

First of all I have to say that Germans are incredibly nice people, everything here seams tobe put in perfect order, all the streets are clean and neaty and not least,al the people are nice and seem pretty civilized.

Another astonishing thing is the fact that many of this people are using bikes, and not cars. They are using bikes to go to work, they are using bikes for shopping and least, but not last, they are evan walking their kids in special things atached to bikes, which I think it is totally awesome!

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