duminică, 21 august 2016

Implement virtual tours in real estate - it is possible?

We are an IT evaluation and consulting company that is constantly studying the software market out there, and searching for solutions that would help medium or large companies on the long term. Basically... what we do... is analyzing a certain market, analyzing all the involved processes, all the procedures that the companies are following, and then we propose improvements regarding productivity, workflow, improving certain departments (like for instance the marketing departments or the sales departments in certain companies).

And although it looks like a very nice job we always need to search, to look for the next big thing out there, for that piece of software that is going to breakthrough and will going to generate the biggest impact on certain businesses, or on certain departments from multiple businesses.

And the thing that modified a lot in the last years consists in the way the companies are doing their online marketing - and as one of our biggest clients works in the real estate industry - we wanted to check if there could be a possibility to implement virtual tours in real estate, as this industry seems to be very lucrative.

And after one month of searching, of getting a couple of software solutions, of testing all of them thoroughly, of checking exactly what we could use from each of them we discovered Tour Wizard, which is the most user friendly , the most feature packed from all those applications and the only one that can serve our purposes.

So... we presented this application, proposed a plan of implementation and that was all - we have managed to get this project runnging great in 2 weeks.

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